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Coleby Process Consulting (CPC) was established in 2008 by Craig Coleby. Drawing on Craig’s extensive experience in the food manufacturing industry, CPC has consulted with manufacturing organisations both in Australia and overseas across multiple sectors. From gelatine and animal by-product processing through to candle production and sheet metal manufacturing, CPC can help your manufacturing business to become more efficient and profitable.
Our principal consultant, Craig Coleby, works directly on all projects so you get the benefit of his 30+ years’ experience working on the factory floor and in global management roles for manufacturing organisations.

Craig Coleby
Craig Coleby
Founder and Principal Consultant
B. Technology (Food Tech).   MAIFST

Craig Coleby has over 30 years’ experience in operations management and process development in the manufacturing industry both in Australia and internationally. 

During his career, Craig has:


  • Designed and commissioned new manufacturing plants

  • Developed and implemented strategic plans

  • Assessed and implemented new technologies

  • Expanded existing plants through:

    • improvements to plant availability, and

    • investment in new plant and technology

  • Developed systems to monitor, improve and control

    • the process

    • quality

    • product safety

    • manufacturing costs, and

    • customer fulfilment​​

Craig is skilled at working with team members at all levels of your organisation and discovering their hidden knowledge to get the best results. The rapport he builds with teams, together with a sound technical and process engineering knowledge, helps Craig to develop proposals that will deliver consistent results. Craig is always ready to roll up his sleeves and help your factory floor staff implement and embed new processes so that you will achieve your business and financial goals. By observing your processes with fresh eyes, Craig is often able to see new opportunities and creative solutions.

As Craig says, “I started on the factory floor and I know that those guys have plenty of knowledge about what will work for your business. I’m not interested in promoting my ideas if they aren’t going to be adopted. After working my way up to being an international VP of operations, I know that successful introduction of new processes only comes when everybody supports the change and can share the vision of what is trying to be achieved.”

Craig’s mix of factory floor and management experience means he can talk to various members of your team in their language and translate messages between parties effectively.
As well as expertise in general manufacturing processes, Craig has extensive knowledge of gelatine production, working with companies both within Australia and internationally to optimise their production processes.

Craig has been a professional member of The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, AIFST, since 2002.

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