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What We Do

CPC are experts in manufacturing processes. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, so our principal consultant Craig Coleby will work with your team to come up with solutions that are practical and suit your business. We know that your team are the experts in your business and we’ll work collaboratively to unlock their knowledge to help identify the root cause of any problems. Craig takes a holistic look at your processes to make sure that any recommendations are the best approach for the unique needs of your business. We treat any problems as an opportunity to improve and we aren’t afraid to ask the dumb or obvious questions that you might be too close to think of.

We work with clients across multiple sectors, both within Australia and internationally. We have deep experience in food processing, but have also worked with manufacturers that are as diverse as waste water treatment, fish processing and candle making. By working across sectors, we are able to take approaches from other industries and come up with creative solutions for your manufacturing process issues.

Is your manufacturing business being squeezed by ever-tightening margins?

We help you to increase your manufacturing yield, and reduce waste and defects. We’re also experienced at helping clients to increase production output within the same space, through better processes. We can help to measure and control what matters, including downtime monitoring and equipment utilisation.

Are you struggling to meet delivery targets?


CPC can help you to develop or improve your production scheduling, ensuring it is realistic and achievable. By analysing your production flows and plant layouts, we can help you to both increase production and meet your delivery targets. 

Are you unsure of how to increase production sustainably?

It’s a common problem – you need to increase production but don’t have the physical space to expand or can’t afford another site. CPC can help to assess your equipment utilisation, production downtime and bottlenecks and come up with solutions to increase throughput with no additional investment.  We can also help to improve plant layout and process flows. 

Are you establishing a new plant and unsure how to get it right from the start?


We understand that commissioning a new plant, or a new line, is a huge expense for all businesses. We can help to design workflow processes that suit your business and allow scope for future growth. CPC can also ensure that you are investing in the right equipment for your current and future needs, avoiding unnecessary capital expenditure.

Are you struggling to meet certification requirements?

Achieving and maintaining certification and compliance can make or break many manufacturing businesses. CPC can help to overhaul processes to achieve certification, or set up entirely new processes. We always ensure that certification doesn’t just become an additional burden but really works for the business to provide a framework to achieve your goals and targets. We’re experienced at helping businesses to achieve ISO9001, FSSC22000, SQF and HACCP certification. 

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