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Why Choose CPC

When you work with CPC, you get our principal consultant Craig Coleby directly working on your business. With over 30 years of experience, ranging from the factory floor to management, Craig is able to communicate with people from all levels of your organisation.

Craig brings a combination of technical know-how and practical experience to convert your management and financial goals into improved processes. By providing a different perspective, Craig can ask the right questions (even the dumb ones!) and can tap into the knowledge your team possesses to get to the root cause of any problems. We always work from the ground up and collaborate with your team to ensure our solutions are practical and will have buy-in from all levels of the organisation.
We’ll work with management to determine your goals and financial targets, then create an action plan that is specific and meaningful for team members throughout your organisation.

We know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to manufacturing processes, so at CPC we always take a holistic look at your entire business and come up with tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. And because we work across multiple industries, we can use that experience to develop creative solutions that will help your business to achieve better yields, better margins and better quality products.

Client Highlights
Sydney, Australia
Production Increase and Relocation

Problem: Ecoya started its life as a handmade home fragrance and body care business. With ambitious targets to expand both within Australia and internationally, the company realised that it needed to reevaluate existing processes and manufacturing systems in order to meet growing demand.

Solution: CPC worked with Ecoya to develop production capacity planning, risk assessment and a production layout plan for new premises.

Benefit: "We've been able to move our production to new premises and, following the installation of new equipment and machinery, automate our manufacturing processes. Thanks to Craig's recommendations, our productivity growth has increased by 40% and sales turnover increased from $10 million to $16 million. Craig was able to get to the heart of our problems and give us practical ideas that would also allow for future growth."

Craig Schweighoffer, Ecoya

BioGill Operations
Sydney, Australia
Greenfields Commissioning

Problem: BioGill had developed a new waste water treatment technology, developed in lab trials at ANSTO. But they did not know how to turn pilot scale trials and a few handmade pieces of equipment into a functioning commercial scale manufacturing unit producing consistent quality. 

Solution: CPC worked with BioGill to document the manufacturing process, determine the ideal plant layout and facility requirements. After commissioning trials to develop a repeatable production process, CPC established monitoring and control protocols, documented the production process and trained the new team. 

Benefit: "Craig was able to take the trial data from our scientist and help us develop a viable manufacturing plant. Craig was happy to be hands-on, helping to lay out the plant and equipment. In order to determine the optimum process, Craig made the first month’s production with us. Now that processes have been established, we’ve engaged Craig to design and commission more robust processing equipment, and to help us achieve our ISO9001 quality management certification.”

Mark Smith, BioGill Operations

Independent Gelatine Manufacturer
South East Asia
Gelatine Manufacturer
Gelatine Manufacturer

Problem: Being a small independent producer, it is difficult to benchmark manufacturing processes with another plant. The business did not have information about how or if other manufacturers achieve better yields, throughput or quality.

Solution: The business engaged CPC to access our experience with many other gelatine plants. CPC reviewed equipment, processes and controls, and benchmarked these against industry standards. Recommended targets and action plans on how to improve these results were then provided. CPC then conducted trials onsite over a period of four weeks to implement the recommendations and demonstrate the results.

Benefit: CPC was able to identify optimum processing conditions for each raw material type and the processes necessary to consistently achieve the required product quality. In addition, CPC was able to reduce waste extraction residue by 44%. This resulted in a 36% reduction in load to the effluent and a 75% reduction in nitrogen present in treated waste. 

Double "D" Products
Sydney, Australia
Double D Products
Food Safety System Certification

Problem: An Enterprise Connect Business Review identified that Double D did not have a formal Food Safety Management system and that this was restricting market access. With a small number of employees, the process of complying with international standards and achieving certification needed to be efficient.

Solution: CPC evaluated Double D’s processes and identified critical issues that were roadblocks to meeting international standards. CPC worked with Double D to implement new processes and achieve HACCP certification from NCS International. Following a supply deal with ALDI, CPC then helped Double D to achieve the SQF standard required by the retailer. 

Benefit: “After working with CPC, we were able to achieve HACCP certification from scratch, then SQF Level 3 certification. As a result of being SQF certified, we secured a supply deal with ALDI and have been able to grow our local production from two to eight lines. We have greater control over our processes and have been able to increase the utilisation of our equipment.”

Justin Hughes, Double D Products

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