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Gelatine Manufacture

CPC principal consultant Craig Coleby worked for many years with the world’s largest gelatine manufacturer, GELITA, in different countries including Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa and China. Craig understands the unique challenges gelatine processors face.

Utilising New Raw Materials

We know that for many gelatine processors, there is a high reliance on base raw materials. But what happens if supply of that essential raw material becomes an issue? Or if you are looking to improve margins, sometimes assessing alternative materials can provide new, more cost-effective options. At CPC, we also know that it’s not always as simple as replacing material A with material B. We can help you to conduct comprehensive tests that take into account factors including your existing equipment, your treatment processes, and the experience of your team. We can advise on the suitability of the new material with any equipment or process changes required.

Process Improvements


CPC can review key process parameters to help you achieve quality and production targets. We’ll benchmark energy use, chemical consumption, manufacturing costs, staffing levels and product quality against industry standards, and develop an action plan for any identified issues. CPC can also help to convert operations so that a higher-grade product can be produced, allowing your business to command a higher sale price.

Increasing Throughput and Yield

CPC can help to identify material losses at each process step including material cutting, material transfer, conditioning, washing, extraction, liquor operations, drying and powder handling. We are experienced at implementing procedures and controls to minimise these losses to acceptable industry standards. 

Improving Plant Availability


For established plants, CPC can audit systems and processes to identify causes of any bottlenecks and breakdowns that impact production and quality. We’ll work with your team to develop a preventative maintenance program and implement monitoring systems. 

Commissioning and Establishing New Production Plants

CPC can identify requirements for new production facilities and design factory processes to maximise productivity and quality. After installation, CPC can assist you with plant start-up and optimisation to get your plant producing the volumes and quality anticipated.

Gelatine Plant
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